Whether day trading, swing trading or position trading, setups are essential to any trading strategy and create endless opportunities for profitable trades. I will teach you how to become consistent by learning, practicing and mastering the Royal Stock Trading high probability-low risk setups including: The VWAP Crusher, Parabolic Breakouts, Trading On Multiple Time Frames, Pre-market, News Trading, Range Breaks, Gappers and many more.


Entry $35.35, sold partial $36.50 x 1k

Short on VWAP crusher

Entry $198.65, partial at $196.98 x 500

Pre-market short

Entry $57.90, covered at $52.50 x 300

Short swing on earnings

Entry $1910.74, covered at $1815.22 x 100

Intraday Breakout

Breakout $40.00 - $142.00

Short on overbought

Entry $29.31, covered at $24.77 x 500