Nothing should be considered as a buy or sell recommendation. The risk of loss in trading stocks, commodity futures, forex and options is substantial. Before trading, you should carefully consider your financial position to determine if trading is appropriate. When trading stocks, forex, futures or options, it is possible to lose more than the full value of your account. All funds committed should be risk capital. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. Royal Stock Trading, LLC. bears no responsibility for the content of this page or control over decisions of the readers of this page. Proceed at your own risk.


Before completing the trading room registration, you must read and comprehend the following disclaimer and risk disclosure. If you elect to register, Royal Stock Trading assumes NO risk with any decisions you make regarding execution of any and all of your trades whilst in the trading room.

Trading the market can be extremely risky and in no way appropriate for someone of limited investment or trading experience and low risk tolerance. The probability of you losing all of your capital is very high and day trading increases risk significantly more. It is not advisable that you fund trading accounts with strict or limited funds that you cannot afford to lose including: retirement savings, HELOCs (home equity line of credit), emergency/rainy day funds, student loans, etc. Successfully navigating the stock market and becoming a profitable trader requires extensive knowledge and protracted experience. Under certain market conditions, trading becomes even riskier without the depth of knowledge to pivot and find successful opportunities based upon a preponderance of variables, timing and other relative factors.

Our trading method is built upon a broader study of the market coupled with high probability setups, reversal candlestick patterns, technical and fundamental analysis as well as high ATR. To successfully execute trades in equities and qualified ETFs using the aforementioned criteria, experience and depth of knowledge is critical.

You must also agree to our trading rules whilst in the trading room and understand that repeat violations will result in your interaction being muted and ultimately your account permanently deleted. To date we have never taken such action and do not intend to. Our subscribers/traders are professional and interact with focused and timely activity on a daily basis. All calls made in the trading room are not direct buy/sell recommendations. All calls are considered “ideas” and equally shared among everyone present in the trading room at the time of the call. If you elect to take a trade based upon an “idea” shared in the trading room by the moderator or any participant, you do so at your own risk and in no way hold Royal Stock Trading or the participant making the call liable for any loss you may incur at any time whilst in the trading room. Royal Stock Trading is not a licensed firm that offers investment advice, and all participants in the trading room should conduct his/her own due diligence before taking trades based upon “ideas” shared in the trading room.