The Royal Stock Trading Core Strategy

The Royal Stock Trading Core Strategy is founded upon a study of the broader market. I’ll teach you how to narrow your focus with proper trader psychology, how to identify the most important data on price charts, how to trade on multiple time frames and the value of only entering your trades by using high probability-low risk setups. The Core Strategy is a proven and profitable strategy that fully equips you to successfully trade the market.


(some of what's covered)

Broad Market Fundamentals

Trader Psychology

Timing the trade

Support and resistance

Supply and Demand

Trade Management

Stock vs ETFs

How to properly trade volatility

Average True Range (ATR)

Trading price on multiple time frames


(some of what's covered)


Go-to Setups

Scalping for profits

Intra-day setups

Pullback setups

Reversal patterns

Breakout patterns

Trade management


(some of what's covered)

Session Reviews

Trading Challenges

Review Trading Activity

Correct trading issues

Establish best practices

Course chapter review