Ricky Neal-Professional Trader, Coach/Mentor

How long have you been trading and what led you down this path?

Ironically I began trading shortly after the 2008 housing meltdown. At the time I was an executive at a major cruise line. My role as head of the music department covered a fleet of 23 global cruise liners and included itineraries across all 7 continents. With a global footprint, having such a dynamic responsibility and fiscal management of a $15 million operational budget, it helped me shore up my business savvy and piqued my curiosity about the market like never before. At the helm of our company was a well respected industry veteran who the management and executive teams had the privilege of meeting with once a quarter for a sort of “State of the Company” address. The part of the meeting that always excited me was the discussion about earnings and the expectations of Wall Street. After the quarterly meeting I would rush back to my desk and immediately go to Yahoo finance, Finviz, Google finance and other financial websites to gauge the Street’s consensus. I would then check back over the coming days to see how the stock behaved after earnings, and over the subsequent weeks to see if the company received any upgrades or downgrades. As I continued tracking the stock I eventually got a sense of it’s range and general sentiment about the company from an institutional perspective. I figured I should not only know the ins and outs of my job but equally important to me was how the company performed financially. So it’s no surprise the bait that hooked me and led to some of my very first trades were cruise line stocks. Although a competitor, Royal Caribbean (RCL) was my favorite. I still follow and play the big 3 even today. Especially around earnings.

What kind of learning curve did you experience and how did you overcome your obstacles?

My learning curve was typical of most retail traders. Beginner’s luck lures you in and shameful defeat either take you out or relegates you back to square one. For me it was the latter. After losing significant capital, slogging through periods of utter frustration, self-mortification and chasing my tail far too long, I eventually hit a wall and faced reality. And the reality was I had no idea what I was doing. Literally! So one day I turned off my computer and stopped trading altogether. I then took some time off from even looking at the market, my account or anything related to trading. I unplugged myself from the trading community I was associated with at the time and went into a quiet place in my mind and spirit. I needed to be free of the ongoing stress and consequences of defeat. When I eventually decided I would make a more honest and sober attempt to succeed at trading, my first priority was to find good educational resources and mentors. After taking a series of courses with some of the best traders in the game and studying with some veteran mentors, I slowly began building up my confidence by developing real discipline and putting into practice what I was learning. Progress was slow, but it started to feel authentic and not forced because of an inner bias or intuition. I then spent approximately 14 months on a trading simulator where I finally experienced some a-ha moments and major breakthroughs. So much so that I developed various phases of study material including some very high probability, low risk setups that are part of the current Royal Stock Trading Core Strategy.

What are your long term goals as a trader, coach and business person?

After my initial defeat attempting to trade the market I went into a self-imposed exile. During that time it became obvious to me that I needed to realize a goal other than making money. I really needed a change of focus and motivation. As with anything one does successfully, money is usually the bi-product. When you think about it, A professional athlete doesn’t suit up with the thought of how much money they’re going to make each game. Their first priority is to excel at their craft and best the competition in the process. I believe to truly be successful at anything one has to have a driving force, a plan and a purpose. So my immediate goal is to continue building a community of profitable traders. And since every person I have ever worked with has the same ambition of becoming consistently profitable so they can live a lifestyle on their own terms and with financial freedom, paying forward the knowledge, experience and mentor-ship I received will enable me to expand my territory and continue to influence many. With clients as far away as Hong Kong, Australia, Canada, Venezuela and the United Kingdom, The Royal Stock Trading Core Strategy has proven to be a successful vehicle to fuel personal growth and eventual success in the markets. This endeavor is also unlike anything else that exists and offers enormous potential to build wealth for generations to come.

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